Evaluator Terms & Conditions

A few guidelines that help us provide great service.


Once you’ve been accepted into the evaluator program, you’ll be assigned an evaluation to complete. Once your evaluation is submitted, it will be reviewed and processed. After a short trial period you’ll then be able to select evaluations from a list provided. Evaluators log into EyeSpy and access their Evaluator dashboard to complete their evaluations and submit them through the same tool.

Please be sure to confirm, reschedule, or decline your evaluations within 5 days of being scheduled. If you would like to keep your evaluation, you may request another date in the calendar month before confirming or as the evaluation draws near.

  • If you would like to complete the evaluation but are unable to on the assigned date, please be sure to use the reschedule option located in your evaluator inbox or the scheduling email that was sent to you.
  • All evaluations are based on your availability and desire to complete them, but are not required.
  • If you are not interested in completing the evaluation, please decline it so that we can reschedule to another evaluator.
  • If you are rescheduling your evaluation to a more convenient date, please be sure to confirm the new date. Please note, if the option to “confirm” an opportunity is still in your inbox, your evaluation is not confirmed.
Open Evaluations

In your evaluator inbox you may also view any open evaluation opportunities that have not been confirmed by other evaluators. If any these are of interest to you, request a date (the date that you request must meet the scheduling requirements; ie. you cannot perform the evaluation on a Friday if client requested no Friday’s) and a scheduler will approve your request on first come basis.

If EyeSpy staff does not receive your confirmation to complete the evaluation within 5 days of receiving the scheduling notice, EyeSpy’s Evaluation System (EES) will cancel the evaluation and offer it to another evaluator.

Evaluation Submissions

Our clients use feedback from evaluations to improve service and staff engagement. This information is best passed onto clients immediately, as such, we request your evaluation report within 24 hours of your visit to the establishment.

If you are going to be late submitting an evaluation, please be sure to contact Scheduling via email so we may inform the client.


Submit all receipts (itemized and credit card) within 24 hours of your visit.  Receipts must be included with your report when it is submitted to the restaurant or business. If you forget to attach your receipt to the report, please email it to evaluatordept@eyespycc.com as soon as possible.

If one is not provided to you, ask for a receipt at the end of your visit. If you choose, evaluators may take a photo of the receipt (prior to giving payment to the server, so your name does not appear on the bill and you remain anonymous), and submit with your evaluation.

Please contact the office with any questions regarding this matter.

To submit receipts:

  • Photograph or scan your receipt and upload to the EyeSpy Evaluation Portal. You may upload your receipt when your evaluation report is open. The upload button is located next to the field where you enter your amount spent. Contact EyeSpy’s offices for any assistance and or refer to the Evaluator Manual for instructions.

Take a photo of, or scan your receipt and email it in PDF, JPEG, or GIF format to [email protected].


All terms and conditions must be met to be reimbursed for an evaluation. EyeSpy does not reimburse for tips.

  • Reimbursements are sent approximately 90 days from the end of the completion month of your evaluation, as this is when we typically receive reimbursements from the clients.
  • Reimbursement amounts are set by the client. EyeSpy does not reimburse Evaluators for any charges over the amount of set budget, evaluators are responsible for all extra charges.
  • EyeSpy does not reimburse for mileage, fuel or any charges resulting from an evaluation.
Gift Certificates

If a gift certificate is needed for an evaluation it will be specified in the scheduling notes. Gift certificates are mailed to the address on your evaluator profile after we receive your evaluation confirmation. It is important that you update your address if you move, to avoid lost gift cards.

When a gift certificate/card has been mailed, an email notification will be sent to inform you that the certificate/card is on its way.

  • If you do not receive a gift certificate (or gift card) in time for an evaluation, please use the reschedule option in your evaluator inbox, and email [email protected] prior to your scheduled time. DO NOT GO TO THE EVALUATION,  as EyeSpy does not reimburse evaluators for gift certificate evaluations, unless approved in advance.
  • If a server gives you cash back from a gift certificate, do not accept it, please leave the money on the table and thoroughly explain the situation in your evaluation.
  • If you get unused credit on a gift certificate (or gift card) back, accept it and mail it back to the EyeSpy office – please be sure to mention this in your evaluation as well.
  • Evaluators may not use remaining gift certificates to order take home food or keep them for a future visit.

If for any reason, an evaluation is not completed as requested, EyeSpy reserves the right to deduct the amount of the certificate from any outstanding reimbursements. Examples of not being completed as requested are:

  • If a gift certificate was issued to you, your evaluation is not completed, and you retain the certificate.
  • If you complete an evaluation but do not provide sufficient information in your report, and do not respond to requests for more information.
  • If you visit an evaluation during times that are not allowed (and this is clearly stated in the scheduling notes) and do not agree to completing a redo of the visit.
  • If you visit for an incorrect shift (for example if completing a bar visit and you do not sit AT THE bar).
  • If you conduct yourself in any manner against our policies during your evaluation, causing the client to not accept your report.

If approved to dine alone and a gift card is provided, half of the budgeted gift card/certificate amount should be returned to EyeSpy.

Gift certificates DO NOT include or cover gratuity (unless the scheduling notes specify otherwise). By accepting a gift certificate evaluation, you are agreeing to leave a gratuity for your server. 15% to 18% is recommended, as that is the average tip % in the industry.

Food & Alcohol

Most restaurants can accommodate dietary requests and food allergies.

For evaluations to maintain validity and that you observe the staff at your best abilities, evaluators and their guest’s are only allowed TWO alcoholic beverages per person – or a bottle of wine split between two guests – when on an evaluation.

Restaurant clients request that evaluators do not utilize corkage service (if offered) or bring in bottled wine on ANY evaluation unless prior approval is given to you by Scheduling. The reason for this is restaurant clients want to hear if their staff offered you an alcoholic beverage or made cocktail recommendations.

Remaining Anonymous

For obvious reasons, it is very important to remain anonymous during an evaluation.

We offer the following suggestions to enhance your anonymity:

  • Make no mention of EyeSpy, evaluation, evaluator, secret shopping, report, or any other variation.
  • Refrain from taking any notes on receipts, in a notebook, on an evaluation form, on a napkin, or on your hand. If you need to take notes, please do so discreetly and quickly on a cell phone.
  • Don’t ask excessive number of questions, or inquiries that would be beyond a normal customer’s questions.
  • Don’t ask for names of staff members unless the notes specify otherwise. If you are unsure about names, take notice of appearance and mention it in the evaluation (gender, height, race, hair color, attire).
  • Don’t draw attention to yourself or discuss in length with guests aspects of service, food quality, or any your EyeSpy evaluation. Never discuss service or food quality with staff while performing your evaluation. You should never send back a food item unless something is severely wrong with your order, for example, a food allergen is present.

Be aware of signs that the staff has identified you as an evaluator. For example, if the server is exceptionally more attentive and offers better service to your table than others surrounding you, or a manager visits your table when there has been no manager interaction with other tables.

If you are accused or asked if you are an evaluator, establish some doubt in the staff member’s mind by looking puzzled and asking, “What is an evaluator?” Then complete your evaluation the best you can and then depart the premises. Subsequently document everything that occurred during your evaluation.

Social Media

Information gathered on evaluations may not be used for ANY third party purposes (i.e. social media) without written consent of EyeSpy C&C.

Do not reveal that you are an evaluator, or ‘secret shopper’ for EyeSpy during the evaluation or on any social media platform.

Refrain from posting any reviews on any social media platform (e.g. OpenTable, Yelp, Facebook) for any EyeSpy restaurant or service clients you would like to potentially evaluate, or have evaluated.

Do not engage in any social media interaction with EyeSpy’s restaurant clients. Do not ‘tag’ the restaurant’s social media page. Do not ‘check in’ on Yelp, or ‘tag’ yourself on Facebook during or after an evaluation.


EyeSpy encourages you to bring a trusted companion while performing an EyeSpy evaluation opportunity, as the interaction between a server and a single guest can differ tremendously from a party of two. Plus, your guest’s feedback can be helpful while writing your evaluation (just don’t discuss it openly while you are having your meal).

The budget for each evaluation is usually the  average check for two people at the establishment; therefore if you bring more than one guest, you are responsible for any additional charges.

Approval must always be requested from scheduling to bring more than two guests or to dine alone.

Please note that you are responsible for explaining EyeSpy these Terms and Conditions to your guest prior to your evaluation. The highest attention to confidentiality and anonymity is required. While we encourage evaluators to bring guests, as the evaluator you are responsible for completing all aspects of the evaluation.

Bringing children on an evaluation is subject to approval. Specific clients do not allow children to be a part of the evaluation process as it may take away the focus on evaluating the service fully. Contact schedul[email protected] for further questions or approval requests.


Photos are mandatory for all evaluations. Take photos of your food, drinks, and any cleanliness concerns during your visit. Upload these photos through your EyeSpy Evaluator account. Save your comments prior to uploading the pictures, in the event that your connection drops while they load. Can’t upload photos through the EyeSpy system? Email them to [email protected] and place the name of the evaluation in the subject heading.

Evaluation Recommendations


  • Read the schedule notes thoroughly before accepting evaluations.
  • Make sure you visit the correct location.
  • Visit the establishment during the correct shift – please note the below to ensure you do visit during the correct times:

Breakfast: AM to 11am

Brunch: AM to 12:30pm

Lunch: 11:30am to 2pm

Dinner: After 5pm

Bar/Lounge: After 6:30pm (unless otherwise specified)

  • If scheduled for a bar evaluation, you are required to sit AT the bar, and not at a table. If the bar is full, stand next to the bar and order a drink from the bartender, documenting as many transactions as possible during that time. If you are still unable to get a seat, you can sit at a bar table closest to the bar, ideally in a location that you can see the bartender perform his duties and how he handles the monetary transaction.
  • When writing up your reports, try to make your comments unique to that specific evaluation. DO NOT use templates from previous evaluations. If we notice that your reports have comments matching a past one, we may ask you to redo the evaluation.
Review EyeSpy's Evaluator Contract & Terms of Service Agreement