In the summer of 2004 pizza lover and avid entrepreneur, Bill Freeman, partnered with an old friend and pizza wizard, Francisco “Patxi” Azpiroz to open “Patxi’s” in Palo Alto, California.


More than ten years and 17 locations later, the pair have created, as their website describes, “a favorite neighborhood restaurant – a warm, welcoming place where you can share a delicious meal with friends and family and feel right at home.”


That down home feeling got the attention of Los-Angeles based Elite Restaurant Group who announced they would purchase the 17-unit full-service Paxti’s Pizza concept in the months ahead.  The purchase is part of a growth plan for Elite, a multiconcept operator.


While Elite, led by president Mike Nakhleh, did not provide details, the company was excited about the acquisition, “Patxi’s is an amazing brand,” Nakhleh said. “I truly believe in the brand and want to take it to 100 units. We are very excited to add pizza to our portfolio.”


Elite Restaurant Group plans to update older locations with a remodel and open up Patxi’s to franchising, with the goal of rolling out 10 new stores a year.


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