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When I started EyeSpy, only a few mystery-shopping companies existed. None of them were personable – or gave detailed reports that supported employee development or fostered teamwork. EyeSpy was born to help service providers provide the highest level of service. Today, I and thousands of EyeSpy’s trained hospitality minded secret shoppers and a small, dedicated team of full-time employees execute the vision: Elevate the guest experience and help restaurants and service providers improve their operations and profits. Mistie is proud to be a Platinum Member of the WPO


Mistie Boulton, Owner, CEO & Founder

The Complete Hospitality Solution 

Creating great hospitality experiences, increasing profitability and improving operations.

With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality business, EyeSpy knows service. We also know happy employees help create happy customers.


Founder & Owner, Mistie Boulton is a successful businesswoman and restauranteur herself.


She started EyeSpy to offer consulting and BoH support (that she also needed for her own restaurant operations) to her colleagues and fellow operators. 20 plus years later, EyeSpy helps some of the world’s best hospitality providers run their businesses. 


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Opening Oren’s Hummus in San Francisco


Eyeing Growth Beyond S.F. for Oren’s Hummus


Mistie founded EyeSpy on the core idea of improving the customer service experience: Your employees, and your service, set the tone for your business. Happy customers spend more and return more often. 


Today EyeSpy helps companies like DoorDash, Teleferic Barcelona, Omakase, Oren’s Hummus and more, improve customer service, increase employee retention and run both virtual and real kitchens. 

“Experience your business like your customers do.” 

We work with restaurants, operators, managers and hospitality providers to improve operations, train employees and build and enhance brands.

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We Help Make Businesses Customer Favorites

Improving operations in the kitchen and in the dining room, we’re hungry to show you what we can do.

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