MrBeast Burger is a virtual restaurant concept/franchise that is selling busloads of burgers. It’s a 2022 franchise to watch. (Image: MrBeast Burger) 


Ray Kroc. Harlan Sanders. John Schnatter. These kings of restaurant franchising worked long and hard to build their name and reputation. Joining them, as a franchise owner, of a McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken or Papa John’s can be pricey in this day and age, but there are still great (and affordable) franchises out there. 


Generally, restaurant franchises are great business opportunities and worthy investments. Managed properly, a food franchise can reach yearly revenues in the millions of dollars. After all, in both good and (especially) bad times, Americans love to eat. 


If you’re looking for a new business opportunity there’s no better time than now to invest in a restaurant franchise. With virtual kitchens supporting a restaurants’ food distribution (for takeout and delivery), in some cases (like MrBeast Burger), franchisees don’t even need a brick and mortar building to run a restaurant! Let’s take a look at some of the best restaurant franchises for 2022: 


Panera Beard

Not only does Panera have a reputation for delicious wholesome food it also cares about it’s ingredients. Panera only uses meat raised without antibiotics, and uses no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. Panera invests in innovative technology to streamline operations and increase accessibility including mobile ordering, delivery, Rapid Pick-Up and catering.


Panera doesn’t sell single-unit franchises, instead they require franchisees develop markets and deploy a number of locations (typically around 15) in a 6-year period. Panera’s initial franchise fee is $35,000 – with a total investment of $942,000 to 1.6 million required to operate. An average Panera Bread location is estimated to take in 2.47 million annually.



Did you know that Domino’s is actually a tech giant? The company is constantly implementing and introducing new technology to help franchise operators run efficiently. Tech like order GPS tracking, heat preserving delivery bags, and the famous car topper are all Domino’s. The company is now working on an autonomous vehicle  and electric bike delivery fleet. 


To purchase a Domino’s franchise, operators need around $100,000 in liquid capital and $100,000 minimum net worth (you’ll also pay out a $25,000 franchise fee). Franchisees end up making a total investment of between $119,700 and $461,450. An individual store can earn upwards of $800,000 to around a million a year.



With over 40 thousand locations across 100 countries, you might think that the Subway franchise is tapped out. You’d be wrong. Subway ranked #3 in QSR Magazine’s Top 50 Franchises in 2019. In fact, SUBWAY® is the #1 restaurant chain in total restaurant count with more locations than any other chain in the Quick Service Restaurant industry. For those thinking about entering the Quick Service Restaurant industry, Subway is a great option.


To be a Subway franchisee, prospective operators must have some business background, be a U.S. resident or citizen, have a minimum net worth of $80,000 and liquid assets totaling at least $30,000.The total investment to set up a location varies from $116,000 to $263,000. Once in operation, franchisees pay an 8% royalty fee and a 4.5% marketing fee on gross sales. Annually, a location can generate up to and beyond $500,000.


Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle’s digital business has grown 174% with half of digital sales coming from delivery. They have invested heavily in innovation including mobile carside pickup, a digital-only store prototype, digital order customization, and a Facebook Messenger concierge bot. This is another company that values fresh ingredients, with the motto of “food with integrity”.


MrBeast Burger

You’ve certainly heard of ghost kitchens by now, but have you heard of a ghost franchise? That’s what MrBeast Burger is – and virtual brand offering a separate concept that you could run out of the same kitchen of another restaurant. Or use a ghost kitchen to process orders. Only available for delivery and via food delivery services, MrBeast Burger requires very little investment, but amazing returns.


Based on the popular YouTube personality, MrBeast, Virtual Dining Concepts is the company behind the MrBeast Burger franchise opportunity and can help you add the offering to your current menu.


Your franchise opportunity not on the list? Let us know about it. We’ll all about connecting would-be (and current) operators with great business opportunities.  


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