Secret shoppers provide a unique perspective of the customer journey, experience your business like your customers do. 


Secret shoppers or mystery shoppers are hired by restaurants or service providers to secretly shop their establishment and report on that experience. 


A Mystery or Secret Shop can be as simple as going to a bar and ordering a few drinks to see how the bartender handles cash and pour. It can be as complex as a hotel visit where every touch point – from the valet greeting to check out – is evaluated. 


Typically, an owner, operator or General Manager hires the mystery shopping service and then reviews the reports or service evaluations after they are completed. The idea is, that by getting unbiased customer feedback, the business owner “experiences his business as his customers do.”  


Trends & Analytics 

A good mystery shopping company, like EyeSpy, should also provide insight into the report, like trends or topics the operator needs to focus on to improve service. 


EyeSpy’s reports include valuable data that show trends and trendlines that occur over periods of time or multiple evaluations. Like building muscle, working on service improvement, every day or week is where the rubber hits the road. 


Like any data tracking, you get out what you put in, so it’s actually beneficial to operators to perform multiple secret shopping evaluations and view the trend-lines over time. 


Shhh! It’s a Secret

To get quality, unbiased feedback, it’s important that the Secret Shoppers experience is one that mirrors the average customer. And just like those customers, Secret Shoppers are focused on details and service points.   


Unlike those average customers, Secret Shoppers don’t post about their experience on their social media, instead they share the experience (in a report the evaluator completes) directly with the operator. The operator in turn, takes the feedback and implements it into service improvements.   


“I’m a very analytical person who loves good service.” David L.* is a mystery shopping evaluator for EyeSpy and he’s personally seen how his mystery shopping evaluations reports have positively impacted businesses. “It’s very rewarding to see a restaurant that had problems fix them after multiple evaluations over the course of several months or a year.” 


EyeSpy’s Mystery Shopping & service evaluations can help your business monitor and improve service, too. Curious how that UberEats delivery order went through? Did the customer get their food fast and hot? Find out with a Delivery or Take Out Evaluation. We help businesses of all shapes and sizes improve customer service. 


* The identities of Secret Shoppers/Evaluators are kept confidential, that way the evaluator is not given preferential treatment. 

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