From the front of the house to the back of the house, restaurant owners and management need to maintain a level of excellence that ensures an outstanding experience for customers. (Photo: Margo Brodowicz on Unsplash)  


Want to ensure your customer/guest experience is consistently positive? EyeSpy is a bay area mystery shopping company that can not only help generate repeat business but support restaurant owners and management to maintain a level of excellence that ensures an outstanding experience for customers. 

Think about it: How do you really know that your guests are being met with a desired experience and standards that will keep them coming back for more? Service Evaluations or mystery shops  ensure that your company’s internal standards match the customer expectations.

Looking for insight into your business as a restaurant and hospitality owner? Here are 4 reasons why you should hire and use a mystery shopping company like EyeSpy:


1. Maintaining Consistency

Customers love consistency! Mystery shopping evaluations provide insight to the guest experience so you and your team can focus on steps that will ensure your guests’ experience remains consistent and positive – from the moment they are greeted, through steps of service, overall cleanliness, and assessment of the food quality. 


Ongoing customer feedback provides key performance indicators (KPI’s) to streamline a consistent guest experience – leaving your customers wanting more. 


2. Visibility

Evaluations provide operational transparency for management and owners to ensure their “play book” of expectations are being met. 


Are steps of service being upheld? Are servers upselling? Is your brand and service consistent at every location? It’s ESSENTIAL to monitor your employees performance on a regular basis – after all, they are the face of  your brand.


3. To Increase Sales

Do your servers offer starters by using enticing keywords or phrases that will help increase guest check averages? Are premium cocktails being suggested? Are servers offering a second round of beverages?

Mystery shopping evaluations allow owners and operators to conduct research in a discrete and affordable way. You can decide exactly what aspects of service you would like your mystery shopper to focus on (even right down to a particular server) and you can develop your own individual evaluations to target every step of service that is important to you.  


4. It’s an Incredible Learning Tool

As the founder of EyeSpy, I believe mystery shopping evaluations are an invaluable learning tool for improving quality of service.  

Each EyeSpy mystery shopping evaluation offers a unique perspective not only into the guest experience but as well as feedback specific to individual employees.  

Mystery shopping evaluations provide a very detailed summary which allows my team to offer support in deficient areas.  One server might have excellent guest interaction but maybe be lacking in menu knowledge, the feedback from the evaluation allows your team to provide more training and then improve upon that server’s lack of menu or other knowledge.

Mystery shopping evaluations track what your servers are focusing, or not, focusing on – and provide you with the feedback necessary to implement strategies to increase the overall guest experience as well as optimal sales. 

Increased Sales. Improved Service. Incredible Results.

Who doesn’t want to increase sales? Plus, improve the guest experience? The tools to ensure your guests are receiving the best service possible are available right now. EyeSpy is a mystery shopping company that will give you a perspective on your business operations that you can’t get any other way.

As the old saying goes – “What gets measured gets managed!” Let us know how we can help you!

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