Father’s Day presents an excellent opportunity to attract more patrons and make it a memorable day for the whole fam. Here are some Father’s Day promotion ideas that can help draw families to your restaurant.


1. Special Father’s Day Menu

Create an exclusive Father’s Day menu featuring dad-friendly favorites. Include a new variation on whatever menu item you’ve noticed dads ordering the most! Feature a new beer or cocktail to accompany it. Highlight these items with special discounts or combo deals. Consider a fixed-price menu. Dads will eat it up!


2. Father’s Day Brunch Buffet

Offer a brunch buffet with a wide array of dishes that cater to all tastes. Promote the buffet as an all-you-can-eat feast, and throw in a complimentary drink for dads. 


3. Family Photo Booth

Set up a themed photo booth and provide dad related props like fake mustaches, bow ties, and signs with witty sayings related to Father’s Day. Let patrons know there is a hashtag to share these photos with. 


4. Dad’s Day Out Package

Create a special package deal that includes a meal and an activity. Partner with local businesses to offer golf passes, fishing trips, or brewery tours. This package could be a raffle prize or a special offer for a group booking. They’ll love it.


5. Live Entertainment

Host live music or a stand-up comedy show to make dads lol! Tailor the entertainment to suit a family audience. 


6. Cooking Classes for Kids

Organize a cooking class where kids can learn to make a simple dish under the guidance of your chefs. While the children are busy, dads can relax and enjoy their meal. 


7.Discounts and Freebies for Dads

Offer special discounts or free items for dads, like a  complimentary drink, free dessert, or a discount on the total bill. 


8. Outdoor BBQ or Picnic

Consider hosting a BBQ or picnic-style event. Set up grills and serve a variety of BBQ favorites. Provide picnic blankets and set up games like cornhole or horseshoes!


9. Craft Beer Tasting

For restaurants that serve alcohol, organize a craft beer tasting event. Feature local breweries and offer tasting flights for dads to enjoy. Pair the beers with a selection of appetizers for a complete experience.