Hello, CEO Mistie Boulton here. I recently attended the National Restaurant Association Show and wanted to share my discoveries with you! There were some very innovative entrepreneurs in attendance as well as some cutting edge restaurant tech designed to address some core concerns that all restaurant owners (like myself, as CEO of Oren’s Hummus Restaurant Group) face. Here are the main things that caught my eye (and probably my business). 


  • Momos is an engagement platform for restaurant review management. The tool aggregates public reviews, simplifying the process of responding to them. It allows users to track reviews, identify trends, and analyze data breakdowns. The platform features built-in AI that learns to craft responses on a brand’s behalf and notifies you of urgent reviews requiring immediate attention. I am very excited about this technology and EyeSpy is planning to collaborate with Momos since we share the same vision of helping restaurants succeed with ease.


  • The Cryovac vacuum seal machine is a tool for preserving food by removing air, making it travel-friendly and longer-lasting. It’s also cost-effective, portable, and easy to maneuver, providing a convenient solution for food storage and transportation. We use it for our prepared meals and hummus at Oren’s and I recommend it.


  • Mocktails are all the rage right now and I’ve been working on incorporating them into Oren’s menu in time for summer. With this in mind, I was thrilled to find Natalie’s Orchard Island Juice Company. With healthy creative blends like carrot ginger, and many flavors containing trending health enhancing ingredients like Ashwagandha and Lion’s Mane, this supplier is going to make our mocktail menu shine.Natalie's Orchid Island Juice
  • Snibbs – Daniel Shemtob: Daniel Shemtob, co-owner of The Lime Truck and Food Truck Race All Star, has created Snibbs, a temperature-controlled, non-slip shoe that is not only super comfortable but also cute and 100% biodegradable. No more Doctor Scholls! I had the pleasure of hanging out with Daniel at the conference, and the next day my son (who works in a restaurant) came home wearing Snibbs! He said everyone was recommending them to each other. I’m getting a pair asap and telling my team.Snibbs
  • Black Sheep Lamb: Black Sheep Lamb, served in Oren’s restaurants, makes delicious plant-based lamb products. I am a huge believer in this product (I’m actually on their advisory board) – it’s so rare to find plant-based proteins done to a top notch standard. Here is a photo of me and Chief of Staff Alice Wistar. Black Sheep
  • YourGreen2Go: This company presents a practical solution for hotel pan sheets for bulk deliveries. Instead of dealing with multiple bags, your orders can be delivered in a recyclable, branded box. Green2Go
  • The Fog Tank: The Fog Tank is an eco-friendly soak tank that can save up to 300 gallons of water by recycling the water used for washing dirty dishes. This not only reduces water consumption but also supports sustainable kitchen operations.  fog tank
  • Rational Combi Oven: I was very taken by the Rational combi oven. We currently use another brand, but they frequently have part issues and repairing them is a challenge. Rational’s combi ovens are an all-in-one solution that heats water 40% faster and costs only $15k, half the price of the standard. They handle installation, repairs, and take full ownership of their equipment, which sounds like it will reduce our equipment headache in a huge way.


  • Byte Kitchen: This restaurant software company offers a range of modules designed to support smooth BOH and FOH operations. The Byte Check module helps create checklists and monitors food temperatures using Bluetooth. Byte Prep manages orders and provides precise food quantity requirements to streamline purchasing. Byte Cater simplifies catering client management with a comprehensive dashboard that tracks all orders, generates labels, and provides detailed prep instructions. Who doesn’t need help in all these areas?

I had a great time and am grateful to have learned about all this new technology and food! I hope this list helps you simplify your operations and optimize your food. Cheers!

group photo

From right to left: Daniel Shemtob of Snibbs, Me, Quinn McKenna, co-owner and CEO of ByteKitchen.io, Marcus Belardes, VP of Oren’s Hummus, and 2 more Snibbs team members.