A clean restaurant is more important than ever to customers. Here, an EyeSpy Certified Health Auditor ensures a restaurant is following health guidelines. (Photo: EyeSpyCC)

A restaurant’s success can come down to a few basic things: service, quality food and cleanliness. As a manager or owner, your top priority is making sure your restaurant scores well when the Health Department visits.


From the temperature of the walk-in to the cleanliness of silverware, it’s important to take note of the same details a health inspector will be looking at. Health Department visits are stressful, but they don’t have to be. By taking a few minutes and preparing your kitchen staff for a Health Department visit you can avoid costly fixes later.


1. Review food safety and handling procedures with your kitchen staff. Make sure your staff understands what’s at stake – a customer with a food borne illness can close your restaurant and shut down your business.


2. Review temperature logs, waste documentation and cleaning standards for your kitchen, bar and service areas. Make sure service areas are neat and assign a staff person to monitor the


3. Have an independent agency complete a pre-inspection restaurant health audit for your restaurant. Good auditors will have extensive background in departmental health inspections and will be able to find infractions and violations before the health inspector does. These same auditors should be able to recommend solutions and training to kitchen staff.


EyeSpy’s auditors are certified in safe food handling and local health inspection guidelines – including COVID protocols. They’ll help you and your staff prepare for a Health Department Inspection


4. Develop your own checks and standards. Make sure employees are kept up to date on your standards and pass good habits along to new employees.  


Food safety is everyone’s job and more important than ever to the guest experience. Help your staff develop a sense of pride for a clean restaurant.     

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