Mystery Shopping services independently and anonymously audit your service – allowing you to see your business as your customers do.


You’ve got a great concept and people love your food. In fact, you’ve got customers coming from two towns over because word of mouth has spread about your awesome menu. 


To meet this demand, and extend your reach, you’re considering opening a new location, but you can’t afford the overhead costs to do that, yet. So you decide to partner with a ghost kitchen provider to offer service in those areas.


At the start, things are going smoothly. But you’re starting to see inconsistency with the ghost kitchen on order accuracy and food quality. You need to figure out what’s going on. What do you do? 


You hire a mystery shopping service to independently and anonymously audit the service – a mystery shopping service can help you find and fix the problem. How? 


Mystery Shops for Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens or a virtual kitchen can increase your restaurant’s revenue – but because they’re a third party, they may not always be on the same page with your business or standards. 


A mystery shopping company provides a report of the customer service experience, and insight on:


The Order Experience. Was the app or order flow easy to use? If it was a phone order for takeout, was the person taking the order knowledge about the menu, did they repeat the order for accuracy? Did they seem happy to have your business? 

The Food Experience. Was the order accurate? Were the sides the customer ordered included? Was the customer asked about dietary restrictions or allergic concerns?

The Delivery Experience. Was the driver/delivery person friendly? Did they card the customer if they ordered alcohol? 


Stop guessing. (Psst – if you don’t already, you should use a mystery shopping company to check your delivery orders, at least once or twice a month.) With a mystery shopping evaluation & service report you can MAKE SURE the customer is getting the kind of experience you expect and that the ghost kitchen is following your food service standards.   


Mystery Shops for Restaurants 

Since the experience for on premise dining is longer and more involved than just picking up takeout or getting a delivery, these mystery shopping service reports cover even more details:


The Hostess Experience. If a reservation was made, was it confirmed by the host? Was the host welcoming and accommodating?  

The Server Experience. Was the server knowledgable about the menu, did they up-sell or make recommendations? Were specials offered? How long did appetizers or food take to hit the table after they were ordered? 

The Restaurant Experience. Was the table cleaned prior to seating. Was the bathroom clean? Did it have toilet paper? Was the music at an acceptable level, how was the ambience? Was the manager on the floor, were they checking on guests or helping serve food? 


There are different types of mystery shopping, and many restaurant operators use mystery shopping reports to determine if an employee is eligible for a bonus or has met a sales incentive. The reports also include actionable feedback that can help train employees in steps of service, or improve service. 


You Can’t Be Everywhere

Restaurant owners and operators are busy people. They hire people like general managers to ensure service is on point, but who watches the watchers?


EyeSpy’s Mystery Shopping service evaluators are trained to look for the details, to know that the bartender shouldn’t have pocketed that $20 – that he should have placed it in the register. And they can let you know, completely discretely and without impacting or affecting the staff or service in your restaurant. 


No matter if it’s a third party ghost kitchen or a national delivery service, a mystery shopping company can make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for and provide insight on solving the problem when you’re not.

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