Delivery drivers from major services like DoorDash and UberEats are picking up food from your restaurant and delivering it, but are they doing a good job? (Photo: EyeSpyCC)


Customers still want that burger, they just don’t want to eat in your restaurant. Thanks to services like Doordash and UberEats, you can use a third party to handle delivery, but unless a customer complains how do you make sure the food arrives in a reasonable time and to the customers satisfaction? 


Mystery shopping companies are your best way to monitor any kind of steps of service. A mystery shopping company can let you know exactly how the food arrived, providing both a comprehensive report about the order and photos of the results. 


Not only that but mystery shopping service evaluators can provide insight to other parts of the order experience, like, did the driver card the customer for that bottle of wine, or any other engagement with the driver/delivery person during the order experience.


We’ve already know of several cases where drivers are notifying customers that the restaurant didn’t have food ready – when in fact, the food was ready – so the driver can add more orders to the same trip or avoid declining the order so the drivers acceptance rating isn’t affected. 


It makes sense for the delivery driver, but not the customer: This usually results in the customer’s order taking longer, and when it’s delivered, it’s cold or otherwise doesn’t meet a customers expectation. 


Delivering Quality in a Timely Fashion

As a restaurant how do you know how the food arrived unless the customer complains? Well, you don’t. You might see comments trending on your Yelp or other social media, to the effect of “my delivery order took so long, my food was cold when it arrived,” but unless you monitor the order on your own, you won’t know what the customer experience was like.


Experience your business as your customers do. And with EyeSpy’s Mystery Shopping, you don’t have to guess about your customers’ orders anymore. Monitor delivery, take out, even dine-in, all discretely, with professional service evaluators. 


Once you’ve monitored a few orders, you’ll have some actionable data to see where the problem is. And if deliveries continue to be negatively impacted by drivers, you’ll have some ammunition to have a conversation with that delivery third party.

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