A mystery shopper evaluates a businesses services through in-person visits and other types of interactions. As a secret, or mystery shopper, you act as a real-life customer and provide feedback through confidential reports about your overall guest experience and the service provided. (Photo: Jay Wennington)

Eating & Shopping for Free

At EyeSpy we’re always on the lookout for great mystery shoppers. But what does it take to be a great mystery shopper – and what do you need to do to be an exceptional one?

Well, a passion for food & guest experience is a must! (Previous experience as a server or manager in the restaurant business is also a big plus…) Why? Because your evaluation will provide insight to operators that customer expectations are being met (or not) and that the guest experience standards are being upheld on a consistent basis.

But it’s more than just writing a report. You need to be focused on details, have a good memory and be a good communicator. Here’s what you need to know to become a great mystery shopper:

  • Set yourself up for success.  Be PREPARED, read through all instructions and the full shop evaluation PRIOR to completing your visit. Understand any specifics that are required during the mystery shop, for example, did you need to ask about a wine or an entree? Does your mystery shopping experience require that you be acknowledged within a minute of entering the establishment?  Is the management looking to see that a specific appetizer is being offered? Are food servers making recommendations and offering premium alcohol with drink orders? READ YOUR MYSTERY SHOP DETAILS BEFORE YOU GO. Know what you will be looking for!
  • Be accurate. Your mystery shopping report has immense value to operators: Your feedback is used to help improve restaurant training procedures, staffing, bonuses and promotions. Restaurant owners and management teams rely on this feedback to help improve operations. 
  • Avoid common mistakes! Provide specific and precise documentation. Stay factual and objective. Avoid using words such as: like, maybe, sometimes and, I think. Be confident and direct when writing your report.
  • Remain anonymous… that’s the name of the game, right – mystery shopping? This means you must not share that you are a secret shopper on social media, or with your friends.  

Shopping with Purpose

Much like when you go out to find a specific style of shoe, Mystery Shoppers are anonymous shoppers with a specific purpose: To objectively monitor and unbiasedly review service they receive.

With a Mystery Shop, you ask questions that you would typically ask on any occasion out. You wouldn’t do or say anything that you wouldn’t normally. You want to allow the guest experience to flow naturally so you have an average snapshot of the experience.

Do you love trying new restaurants? How about sharing your feedback about your shopping experiences? You could be a perfect fit for our mystery shop team!

Join EyeSpy’s team of mystery shopping evaluators today.