Thinking of opening a restaurant? Make sure you have these 5 things before you open your door. (Photo: EyeSpy)


It’s a dream you’ve had most of your life, and you’re finally going to make it a reality: You’re going to open a Restaurant. But hold on. There’s a lot you need to consider and plan for. Where will you source your products and services? Who will staff it and how will you run it?


Operating a restaurant today takes not only money, but ideas and people to put those things into motion. Here are 5 things you need to open a restaurant: 


1) A Good Location

The old real estate adage of, “location, location, location,” is just as appropriate for food service as it is for retail. But in this day and age, virtual kitchens can help you build a brand even before you have a physical store established. 


If you have the resources, find a high-traffic area in a good area. Access to public transportation or easy parking will also help incentivize customers to visit your location.


If you’re looking for a brick and mortar location, partner with a commercial realtor who knows the area inside and out, and ideally, has experience helping other restaurants find a good home.   


2) Dependable Staff

Yes, there’s a restaurant hiring shortage, but that shouldn’t deter you from opening. To hire dependable staff, you need to offer good pay, good benefits and demonstrate to new employees that you have a plan. 


Use incentives like signing bonuses and referral plans to get better candidates.  


3) On-boarding and Training Documents

Once you hire a new employee, you need to onboard them properly. Proper on-boarding can make a new employee an exceptional one – operational development, like creating a company handbook and training – and will help you keep good employees.


Don’t have a company handbook? EyeSpy can create one for you, whether your team is 5 or 50 people strong, together we will build out your on-boarding documents and systems (ensuring you are compliant with current labor law), update your employee handbook and hone your company philosophy. 

Having a task management system or even a restaurant checklist can help you get on track. 


4) Great Product

Customers have too many options for your product or service to be sub-par. You need to make sure what you offer is of a high quality and that you maintain a high standard for it. 


Mystery shopping services can help you monitor service, maintain consistent quality and provide you with unbiased and accurate feedback on how your staff is doing.  


5) Determination & Strategy

Even if you have Texas’ greatest taco or the best Bánh mì in Bakersfield, you still need to: Make people aware it exists, keep the kitchen that prepares it working optimally and keep your staff happy and on point. This requires a business strategy, which includes marketing, staff management, accounting and much, much more. 


Make no mistake, running a restaurant is a full time job and staying positive while driving your business can be difficult when the wind is against you. Don’t give up! Keep your head up and realize your dream.


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