Self-checkout POS systems like GRUBBRR’s are not only helping restaurants survive staffing shortages, but to thrive. 


As the labor market – and what’s been called the as the ‘Turnover Tsunami’ – continues to make it difficult for businesses to operate at full capacity (because of staffing shortages), one company is answering the call by provided a free employee to help your run your restaurant. 


GRUBBRR, the self-serve POS kiosk company based in Boca Raton, Florida, has rolled out a program to give restaurants’ a kiosk employee for a 2-month period. The hope is that operators that are considering the service will see they can not only survive the labor shortage but thrive during it. 


To qualify for the free restaurant POS promotion, restaurant operators must have multiple locations within the QSR, fast casual or retail industries. 


Restaurants who quality will get to try out a Samsung Kiosk powered by GRUBBRR software for free for 60 days. 


Samsung Self-Service, Powered by GRUBBRR

GRUBBRR’s systems eliminate operations inefficiencies, increase customer satisfaction and – increase per order totals! The sleek self-serve kiosks are built to run GRUBBRR’s software and help ensure order accuracy and speedy transactions. 


Operators can also set up personalized up-sells and add promotions to the user experience, all the while running their businesses with smaller and more efficient teams. The kiosks feature large, bright touchscreens, a printer, scanner and payment solution, all in a compact and clean futuristic design. 


It’s no surprise that restaurant staffing shortages are ushering in the age of automation & digital order kiosks and solutions like GRUBBRR’s offer a whole host of options for operators, including: 

  • Multi-Tier Up-selling
  • Streamlined Ordering
  • Customizable to Your Brand
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Rapid Customization
  • Real-Time Menu Control
  • Customizable Home Screen
  • Revenue Management
  • Multiple Order Types
  • Videos/Ads
  • Accept Multiple Payment Types
  • ADA Compliant
  • Menu Promotions
  • Time-Based Pricing
  • Inventory
  • Menu Customizations


Tired of working yourself to death trying to trying to understand how to keep good restaurant employees in the Turnover Tsunami? A self-service POS could be the answer for you…Revolutionize your business by automating checkout with digital self-service kiosks. 

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