Looking to earn some extra cash? Want to find new restaurants in your area? Both are great reasons to become a mystery shopper. (Photo: EyeSpy CC) 


Everyone it seems has a side hustle. And why not? It’s so easy to sign up on a website to become a mystery shopper, get some great extra spending money AND a chance to eat or shop for free! 


Mystery shopping companies like EyeSpy partner with restaurants and hospitality providers to monitor service and staff – and provide feedback on the customer experience, so businesses can improve their customer service and ultimately, bottom line.  


Here are five more reasons why you should consider becoming a mystery shopper:


1) Try New Restaurants and Services in Your Area for Free! 

New restaurants typically partner with mystery shopping companies to evaluate service and help provide feedback to operations so they can improve their service. This means, you can be one of the first to try a new restaurant in your area (and for free, in most cases).  


2) Help Businesses Improve Operations and Customer Service

Businesses want to make sure customers are treated right, but the manager can’t always be on duty. EyeSpy helps businesses understand service difficulties and how to improve them, EyeSpy’s evaluators are trained to document the customer experience with an unbiased eye. 


3) Support your Side Hustle

Not only can a good mystery shopper receive a few hundred dollars in goods and services a month or more by completing shopping assignments, they can also make additional money as some assignments include cash payments for completing the mystery shopping assignment. 


4) Free Food 

In most cases, evaluations, or mystery shopping assignments are completely covered by the assigning mystery shopping company. So any services or goods you receive are yours to keep and enjoy, while the cost of those services are covered by the report you provide about your shopping experience. 


5) You Don’t Have to Cook 

Do you really want to have to worry about what’s for dinner? Get it delivered! Many mystery shopping companies (including EyeSpy) offer delivery mystery shopping opportunities, so you don’t even have to leave the house to earn your meal. 


EyeSpy is a Mystery Shopping Company in San Jose and has 20 years of experience supporting restaurants, the hospitality industry and service providers. 


In one case study, a restaurant hired EyeSpy to ensure servers were asking customers to consider dessert. The upsell, and making sure it was being consistently delivered, increased the average bill and increased the restaurant’s yearly income by 5%. (Plus, kept a lot of customers happy – with a great finish to a great meal!)   

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