Mistie interviews Tony Xu, the co-founder and CEO of DoorDash.


When you spend the majority of your professional life in the same job, it kind of makes you an expert on it. And when it comes to experts in the restaurant business, Mistie Boulton certainly is one.


The founder and CEO of EyeSpy, Mistie has spent many years in restaurant business. In addition to serving as the Director of Operations for PFS Restaurants from 1993-2001, Mistie has been a restaurant general manager, bar manager, and regional manager.


It was Mistie’s own experience in the restaurant business that led her to create EyeSpy Critiquing & Consulting – a bay-area restaurant and hospitality consulting company that offers Mystery Shopping and other operational support services to restaurants and hospitality companies.


A devoted restaurateur, Mistie is also part owner of Oren’s Hummus, a Mediterranean fast casual concept with over a half dozen locations in the Bay Area. She oversees both day-to-day business for Oren’s Hummus – in fact, Oren’s Hummus was one of the very first restaurants to partner with DoorDash.


That’s why for the recent 2021 Main Street Strong Restaurant Event held by DoorDash, DoorDash tapped Mistie to interview the CEO and Co-Founder, Tony Xu. The hour long session covered many topics, from restaurant fees to Dasher tips. Watch the full interview here:



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