Our CEO Mistie Boulton was just interviewed by Josh Kopel, who used to be a Michelin star chef in Beverly Hills and has since become a thought leader in the restaurant industry with his podcast Full Comp. We discussed how the restaurant industry is evolving and actionable strategies that restaurant owners can implement to stay ahead of the curve. It was a fantastic opportunity to share insights on ensuring businesses adapt and thrive in this ever-changing landscape. The episode came out today so give it a listen here.  

About Full Comp: “Coming to grips with over 100,000 restaurants shuttered…It’s time to fix what’s broken. Created in partnership with Yelp for Restaurants, FULL COMP is a weekly show exploring the past & future of the hospitality industry. Provocative & actionable, the show aims to ask the tough questions, supplying listeners with the tools & resources needed to thrive post-pandemic. The host, Michelin-rated restaurateur Josh Kopel, challenges conventional wisdom by hosting both hospitality professionals & thought leaders from outside of the industry, offering a new perspective on an old business.”