Bring back return customers with a discount for a future visit, printed on the bottom of their receipt. (Photo: EyeSpy)


In the age of social media, having someone share interest in, or advocate for your restaurant or hotel independently can mean a huge boost for business. Having someone talk about your business raises awareness about it and gets your brand in front of people. 


That’s why it’s good to have a marketing strategy for your business. With a marketing strategy, you can develop promotions and ideas that help communicate your “operations narrative” to customers. 


Successful restaurant promotions & ideas can drive business, and be easily implemented to raise awareness and interest in your location. 


Promotions drive sales and interest in your establishment. They’re also a great way to keep regular customers excited about your business. To create a promotion, think of an idea or topic you want to focus on (like a Happy Hour or holiday event) and develop a promotion out of that. Here are some examples of restaurant promotions & ideas:


BOGO, Discounts & Freebies

Want to boost a slow night? Offer a discount or a BOGO (buy one get one) free offer. In fact, studies show that customers are more likely to eat at a restaurant that offers a discount, and try restaurants they otherwise wouldn’t because they offer a discount or special deal. Bring back return customers with a discount for a future visit printed on the bottom of their receipt. 


Highlight Happy Hour

Sure, we all do happy hour, but how many of us really “do” happy hour? Offer a special appetizer and drink special for the first hour. Get servers to talk up an off-menu special. Partner with a liquor or beverage sponsor and theme the event around a special drink. Make it a BIG DEAL. Bring back the cocktail hour and make it special again! 


Community Promotional Partners

Reach out to business resources in your area to partner with other businesses that can promote you and you can in turn, extend the favor. Create a Restaurant Week event for your community or other promotion that incentivizes other businesses to help spread the word. 


Delivery & Takeout Bags / In-Store Displays

Did you know you control one of the best promotional tools in your restaurant? An in-store display at your pick-up register or “free appetizer on next visit” card stapled to a takeout order can be a great way to make customers aware of, and to take advantage of a promotion. It’s how to get a lunch crowd and make other slow times at your restaurant busier. 

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