As a result of several converging factors, more has changed in regards to workplace harassment in the last ten months than has changed in human resources in the last 30 years.


Welcome to the #MeToo era. And as a result more cities across the country are requiring mandatory sexual harassment training, as well as re-training for supervisors and managers.


Since 2005, California has had laws on the books that require some sort of sexual harassment training. As a business owner, you might look at training as a way to prevent harassment, but you should also look at it as a way to prevent litigation.


Lawmakers continue to pay close attention to employment protections, and so should business owners.  


Building a Better Work Environment

Any training should be reinforced by a positive company culture. When you align employees with your core values and mission, the employees take ownership and the work environment changes.


More than 50 employees? You’re required to have any supervisory authority undergo sexual harassment training and retrain every two years. 


The first step to creating a harassment-free workplace is evaluating the culture in the workplace. The culture should revolve around your values. Reinforce values with clear policy from the top down. Set an example and take formal measures to respond to staff complaints of harassment and actively encourage employees to report any incidents of harassment.


What kind of culture are you developing at your restaurant or business? Start with the end in mind, what kind of workplace do you want to be?  


Need help? EyeSpy provides Sexual & Workplace Harassment training throughout the year. Delivered by engaging professional speakers (with HR and restaurant management experience) our harassment training is enlightening as well as it is educational. We focus on personal development, and making sure employees, managers and business owners are compliant and knowledgable about the law.



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