Bouncing back from setbacks – like a global pandemic – and moving on, is the key to thriving. (Photo: EyeSpy)


Managing a restaurant is hard. Even harder is navigating the difficult year and a half we’ve had – and now, a post-pandemic world. Maybe you did both. Congratulations, you made it to the other side.


But we’ve been hit, emotionally, mentally and financially. In fact, the restaurant and hospitality businesses were some of the hardest hit by the pandemic. To survive, our industry must embrace what has happened and move on. To move forward and thrive, we have to accept and deal with the changes to our businesses. And develop a strategy to face them, head on:


Get in Gear

Take the steps to get your mind in gear and focused. Get organized and delegate responsibilities to others. Make a task list or use a restaurant task management system. You know the best time to plant a tree? Yesterday. You know the second best time to plant a tree? Now. 


Let Go

Put the past behind you and focus on the future. Focus on your management team, provide them clear directions and weekly objectives. “Socially distance” yourself from the negative, and focus on the positive. Focus positively impacts productivity. Start small but with a plan, get a fresh start by revising your menu or revamping your patio. 


Reach Out

Talk to your friends and colleagues about your challenges and how to solve them or consult a restaurant operations expert for help. You don’t have to “go it alone.” Personal and professional support groups can be a steady rock to lean on in a swirling sea. 


Make a Plan

Any action is better than inaction. Create a plan for your business, and execute it. Use creative restaurant promotions and ideas to get customers in the door. Can’t get your creative juices going? Ask your staff if they have ideas and involve them in the process.    

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