As the July 1st SF minimum wage increase of $0.60 (from $18.07 to $18.67) draws closer, we recommend taking proactive steps to get ready. Here are some key strategies to prepare:


  1. Menu Pricing: Conduct a thorough analysis to adjust prices strategically, focusing on popular and high-margin items to offset labor cost increases. We can help with cost analysis and cost control. Learn more here
  2. Operational Efficiency: Optimize operations by renegotiating supplier contracts, implementing energy-saving measures, and adjusting staffing schedules to align with peak hours. If you need help preparing, we offer operations audits. We can help you figure out how to maximize profitability by utilizing your team and resources optimally. 
  3. Compliance: Replace the mandatory 2023 labor law posters with updated versions by July 1, 2024. You can download the poster here
  4. Communication: Host a staff meeting to transparently discuss the minimum wage increase, its impact on wages, and potential adjustments to benefits or working hours, encouraging feedback from employees.
  5. Employee Development: Invest in training programs to increase employee organization and productivity. Improved efficiency and customer satisfaction can help offset increased labor costs. We have a wide variety of services that can help with this including our task management system, team trainings and secret shopper program