Mistie Boulton founded EyeSpy when she couldn’t find a company that offered restaurant-focused service reports with the level of detail she needed to monitor service points. (Photo: EyeSpy)


While the world today revolves around data, 20 years ago that wasn’t the case. Then, restaurant-focused mystery shopping companies were hard to come by. Mystery shopping companies in general, were impersonal and, sometimes questionable. So, as a general manager for a chain of restaurants, Mistie Boulton sat out to find a better way to track and monitor service.


EyeSpy was born with a simple mission: To help establishments get insight into their day-today operations and help them provide the highest level of service. Through detailed reports, operators get rare insight from the customer perspective and get to “Experience your business as your customers do.” These detailed reports not only support employee development and foster teamwork, but they give operators actionable points for service improvements. 


“To help myself and my colleagues get better operational reporting and support is why I founded EyeSpy,” says Mistie Boulton, founder and CEO of EyeSpy, the Bay Area’s number one mystery shopping company.


Front of House AND Back of House

Today, EyeSpy is a national restaurant and hospitality consultancy that serves clients from Hayward, California to Hoboken, New Jersey – and everywhere in-between.


In addition to mystery shopping, EyeSpy provides employee training and operational development, restaurant health audits, menu guidance and much more.  In fact, EyeSpy has a full suite of support services that can help you get your business back on track:


Operational Support

Let EyeSpy build out your on boarding process (ensuring you are compliant with labor laws), update (or create) your employee handbook/training guide and hone your company philosophy.


Health Audits

Certified food and health safety inspections of your facility not only give you a detailed report of visible infractions but also provide suggestions on how to address these concerns and get higher Health Department scores. 


Task Management Systems

From specific duties such as “things to check when completing payroll” or “employee onboarding” to daily tasks like “opening walkthroughs”, “janitorial spot checks” or “ line & station checks.” EyeSpy’s individualized checklists help ensure the details aren’t forgotten.


Reputation Management

Review and respond to all your customer reviews from a single dashboard, with EyeSpy Review Tracker (ERT). Efficiently and economically keep up and engaged with your guests and with what’s happening on your social media. 


See all EyeSpy services. When you work with EyeSpy, you get professionals that understand your business and can deliver real results. Ready to give your business a kickstart


EyeSpy set out to help restaurants and other service providers improve their service and business with genuine customer feedback. We expanded the scope of our business to better serve the businesses, owners and managers of hospitality industry. Today, we continue to support hundreds of establishments through our services. 


If you’re a new client, we look forward to showing you how we can impact your business – and to our past and current clients, thanks for trusting us to help build your business for these many years. Here’s to 20 more!

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